New Home Builders

At Mather Homes, we have extensive experience building new residential homes in Te Awamutu and the surrounding area. That experience includes everything from country houses to contemporary family homes to modern, high-end houses.

We are fully registered and insured, and each member of our team is trained. They also work to our high-quality standards.

You will get expert advice when you contact us too. Even if you are at the early stages of your project, get in touch as we will provide whatever assistance you need. In fact, it often helps new build projects if we get involved at an early stage.

You can have confidence in our experience constructing new builds, plus we have a strong reputation in the Te Awamutu area. We are proud of that reputation, particularly in relation to the quality of workmanship we deliver and our standards of customer service. These are areas of our business that we strive every day to improve, helping us deliver on the expectations of our customers.

If you would like to find out more, or you would like to arrange to get an estimate or quote for the new build you are planning, please give us a call today on 027 462 5145.

Expert Residential Builds

Here’s what you can expect when you choose us as your new home builders in Te Awamutu, Cambridge, or Waipa:

  • Your new build project won’t be managed by a project manager who clocks off at five and is hard to get on the phone. Instead, our owner will personally manage the work, and will be on-site throughout the build until the project is completed.
  • We can provide you with expert advice. This includes advice and support to finalise your plans, work out the costings, and produce construction drawings. Our objective will be to deliver on your requirements while staying within your budget.
  • We have excellent quality control procedures to ensure we deliver consistent standards of workmanship. Those quality control procedures kick in from day one.
  • Each person working on your new build project, including members of our team and any subcontractors we use, will operate to our strict standards. Those standards apply to both workmanship and customer service.
  • As we value reliability, we will be on-site on your new build project every day, remaining fully committed until it is complete, you are satisfied, and you have moved in.
  • We will quickly and proactively deal with any issues or hiccups that occur. We will also carefully plan the project to reduce the possibility of issues or hiccups. However, hiccups and issues are common on new build projects, even with the best planning. So, when they do arise, we will make sure we deal with them efficiently.
  • You will get excellent communication throughout the project. This includes responding to your calls and messages when you contact us, plus we will proactively keep you up to date with progress on-site and anything else you should know.
  • We believe in honest and straightforward pricing here at Mather Homes. When you choose us to build your new home, you will get a competitive price with no surprises.

Building New Homes

Our past experience includes building new homes in Te Awamutu, Cambridge, and Kihikihi. Why should you choose us for your project? Here are 10 reasons why we are the best choice to build your new home:

  • 1. You will get expert, honest, straight-talking advice
  • 2. We will deliver a high standard of workmanship
  • 3. We are reliable and we follow through on our promises
  • 4. Our prices are competitive
  • 5. Our Fixed Price Building Contract means you will know exactly what your new home will cost before we start.
  • 6. We use the best subcontractors in the Te Awamutu area
  • 7. We’re friendly, helpful, and approachable
  • 8. The whole process will be hassle-free
  • 9. You will have a dedicated contact for the duration of your build

We know that the work we are completing for you is more than just a building project. Instead, we’re building the home of your dreams, a home where you will live with your loved ones.

To discuss your project further, if you have any queries, or you would like to find out more about our expertise, please call us today on 027 462 5145.